Vicki Hagadorn

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist®

Breakthrough Coach | Author | Speaker 

I am a certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, Breakthrough Coach and a trained NLP practitioner specializing in Parts Integration Work.

I currently offer Grief Recovery and Breakthrough coaching for professionals, entrepreneurs, parents and young adults who are feeling 'stuck' relationally, personally or emotionally due to emotional blocks and/ or mental health issues.

In 2003, I discovered the Grief Recovery Method and found deep healing from my own trauma and trauma bonding behaviors. In order to cope, I had struggled with addictions and a debilitating eating disorder. I lived with codependent and very self-sabotaging behaviors that led to disfunction emotionally even though on the outside it looked like I was thriving. Or seemed to be.

The transformation I experienced as a result of the Grief Recovery Method was so profound, I recognized right away that it was different than anything else I had ever experienced.

And I jumped right in to help bring these life-changing tools to as many people as I could.

Over the past 20+ years, most of the issues my clients experience  are a direct result of unhealed childhood wounds from loss and trauma. Many times, they are having success in certain areas, but are NOT thriving emotionally.

Their relationships were suffering. They find it difficult to connect and are struggling with addictions, chronic anxiety, and depression, feeling numb, hopeless and empty inside.

They have a deep knowing that there is so much more to this life and long to live inspired and connected!

Together with my husband, Dan, we founded Freedom From Grief in 2003. We love working with adults, who were not given the tools to thrive, so they can heal and offer a completely different trajectory for themselves and their kids. 

And, we LOVE working with young adults, who are embarking on their journeys of building their vocations and families of their own.

The tools of the Grief Recovery Method address root issues and bring deep healing to create a strong foundation of emotional health. This creates breakthroughs in areas like: Healthy Boundaries, Emotional Regulation, Relationship Communication Skills, Attachment, Addiction, and Mindset Practices.

Daniel Hagadorn

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist®

Author | Speaker | Teacher | Book Coach

I am Daniel. 

I am a certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, trained to deliver the Grief Recovery Method Online which has brought me the opportunity to work with people all over the world.

I was born in Burbank, CA and adopted as an infant. At the age of 8, my adopted mom suffered a cardiac arrest, went into a coma that lasted for 3 weeks. 

Upon awakening, it was discovered that she had suffered brain damage. For the next 13 years, my father and I took care of her until my senior year of college when she passed away after suffering another cardiac arrest. 

This trauma profoundly affected my perspective on life as well as all of my relationships. Over the years, I struggled with depression, addictions and thoughts of suicide. 

My experience with the tools of Grief Recovery Method changed my life and perspective in a way I never thought possible.

This led me to do this incredible work to help me realize my deep desire to see people set free from damaging behaviors and mindsets.  I know what is possible! I love partnering with my clients in this process as they experience intense healing from loss and trauma and witnessing their ability to transition into the relationships and lives they were born for!

Together with my wife, Vicki we co-founded Freedom From Grief and Preparing Kids 4 Life, a coaching program devoted to helping Moms and Dads successfully navigate the journey of parenting and building families that are emotionally healthy and thriving!
For us, the tools of Grief Recovery 
brought such deep healing and recovery into our lives...
 that we are on a mission to help others just like you!