Vicki Hagadorn

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist®

Breakthrough Coach | Author | Speaker 

Growing up in California, Vicki lived in a household of alcoholism, drugs, and a great deal of codependent behaviors. As a young woman, her struggle to find significance led to several years of battling with alcoholism and bulimia. 

In 1992, her journey of recovery began with sobriety and she slowly rebuilt her life. As an adult, the divorce of her parents led her to the Grief Recovery Outreach Program. 

Having already invested tens of thousands of dollars for intensive therapy and counseling, nothing brought healing to her heart like the Grief Recovery Method.

This was like nothing she had ever experienced before. 

Her long-time quest to conquer patterns of codependency, to set healthy boundaries, and to confidently step into her identity...was finally a reality. 

The freedom she experienced through Grief Recovery was so amazing that she felt drawn to bring these same tools to as many hurting, grieving people as she could.

Daniel Hagadorn

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist®

Author | Speaker | Teacher | Book Coach

Daniel was born in Burbank, CA and adopted as an infant. At the age of 8, his adopted mom suffered a cardiac arrest, went into a coma, and awoke 3 weeks later. 

Upon awakening, it was discovered that she had suffered brain damage. For the next 13 years, Daniel and his father took care of her until his senior year of college when she passed away after suffering another cardiac arrest. 

This trauma profoundly affected his perspective on life as well as his relationships. Over the years, he struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts.

His experience with the tools of Grief Recovery Method changed his life and perspective in a way he never thought possible.

Daniel has an incredible gift for connecting with people and loves partnering with them to experience deep healing from loss and trauma. He is also an international speaker, author of several books on education and parenting, and founder of Preparing Kids For Life, an organization devoted to helping Moms and Dads successfully navigate the journey of parenting.
For us, the tools of Grief Recovery 
brought such deep healing and recovery into our lives...
 that we are on a mission to help others just like you!