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"The Grief Recovery Method has given me an incredible gift. I am no longer afraid of having clarity. I have known for so long there were things I needed to deal with. I was honestly afraid of what that would be and what I would have to do. I am going through one of the biggest challenges in my life and I realize I have the strength to make hard decisions because my clarity is there. I am no longer afraid, I am empowered."
"The Grief Recovery Method has helped me wade through many losses, deaths, and life challenges. The tools that GR teaches are absolutely invaluable! I think it should be taught in every school, because every single one of us will go through losses and grief at various points of our lives. Now, during the world changes that have been happening during Covid, Grief Recovery is offered online, which is such a gift! Thank you for helping me and so many people around the world to navigate all that comes with loss and grief."
- Robin N., Texas
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