Are You Suffering From A Broken Heart?

Have you experienced a death, a divorce, or the end of a romantic relationship? Or was it caused by one of the other forty+ losses that a person might experience in their lifetimes (i.e., moving, pet loss, change in finances, etc.)? Regardless of the cause, you know how you feel and it probably isn’t good.

We won't tell you, "We know how you feel," because we don't. And neither does anyone else. What we will do is provide a safe environment where you will be given specific tools to help you recover from loss and ultimately lead a happier/healthier life.

The Struggle

Although grief is the normal and natural emotional response to loss, most of the information we’ve learned about dealing with grief is intellectual. 

That's why...if we are to recover from grief...we must first deal with our broken heart. This process requires emotional support... not intellectual explanations.

Sadly, we have all been socialized with so much misinformation about grief that it is actually adding to the pain. 

Have you ever been told, "Time heals all wounds"? 

Well, it isn't true...

There is a Solution

Perhaps people have told you that, "You have to let go and move on with your life", but they don't tell you how. The Grief Recovery Method, developed and refined over the past 40 years, is an action program that provides supportive guidance every step of the way on your path to recovery. 

But Grief Recovery is about so much more than loss… 

It is about having a safe place, with the best tools, to express what your heart needs to say in order to heal. 

Unfortunately, society teaches us to intellectualize our emotions in order to survive. But grief is not intellectual. Your mind isn't broken... your heart is.

Our goal is to help people learn to navigate emotions so painful that they are interfering with their ability to function optimally in life. 

The Grief Recovery Method is the foundation of our approach to coaching at Freedom From Grief. 
Daniel & Vicki Hagadorn
Vicki has been professionally mentoring and helping people heal since 2003. She has helped thousands of people transform their lives as an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and Breakthrough Coach. 

Daniel is an international speaker, a book coach and an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist. He has personally experienced how the healing of his past has transformed his present and loves working with people as a witness to their journey of deep emotional healing.

They believe healing from the past is possible and necessary to experience true transformation in the present. 

Together they share a great passion for helping people experience healing of their past losses and trauma in order to step into a new clarity and vision for the life they truly desire.
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Myths About Grief
Learn the six myths about grief that limit us in our ability to deal with the inevitable losses that affect our lives. These myths keep us from recovery or completion of what was left emotionally unfinished for us when someone important to us dies, or we get divorced, or when we’re impacted by any of the 40 other life events that can produce feelings of grief.